**Cautionary Note on Training Attendance:**

We have recently experienced an increased number of late cancellations and non-attendance for our training sessions. This is significantly affecting our ability to deliver effective safeguarding training. Please ensure you only book a place if you are certain of your availability to attend, if you need to cancel please allow at least three working days so alternative arrangements can be made.

Additionally, as we transition to a new booking system, we will only publish training dates up to July 2024.

Our learning and development training programme is based on the pan-London Competence Still Matters. Safeguarding training is suitable for all staff and volunteers working with children in Croydon. Please read the CSCP training policy for details of our terms and conditions.

Training costs

CSCP training is fully funded for all Croydon staff members and is currently free to all staff and volunteers who work with children and young people in Croydon.

Our courses provide the minimum required training content for single and multi-agency staff. Multi-agency safeguarding training is intended to complement single-agency training, not replace it.

It is recommended that safeguarding training is refreshed at least every 3 years.

How training is delivered 

Our training is delivered as in-person courses and e-learning courses. If you have not already done so, you will need to register on one or both of our training systems. This may take up to 3 working days, so it is advisable to register well in advance of any course you intend to take.

Find out more about in-person courses.

Find out more about e-learning courses.


CSCP learning events

The CSCP learning event is a quarterly webinar to share the learning from our most recent safeguarding practice review. The goal of these learning events is to help individuals or organisations improve their safeguarding practices with insights into emerging trends, opportunities to hear from leading practitioners, and access to resources.

Details of upcoming webinars, as well as resources from previous webinars, will be posted here in due course.

Contact us

You can contact us with any questions or queries