Safeguarding Competency Framework

This guidance sets out the level of competency for safeguarding children, required by professionals who have a varied range of levels of contact with and responsibility for children and or parents /carers.

The Croydon Safeguarding Children Partnership provides a comprehensive training program to promote awareness, prevent harm, and foster a culture of vigilance against potential risks. By adhering to the following guidelines, organisations can understand how to prioritise the well-being and protection of all children and young people in Croydon. The objective of this guidance supports a key duty from the Children Act (2004), 'making sure local authorities and important agencies team up to improve children's lives.' When it comes to learning skills and knowledge to keep children safe and well, "working together" includes completing training or learning activities with different agencies.

Identifying Training Needs

Various training levels are designed to equip professionals with the skills and knowledge needed for specific roles and responsibilities within safeguarding frameworks. These levels are based on guidance from the pan-London Competence Still Matters framework, which outlines the competencies required for different roles. The goal is to direct professionals toward courses tailored to their specific needs. Safeguarding training should be completed every three years.

Please refer to the table below to determine your appropriate training level, which are tailored to various roles within safeguarding contexts. Whether you have occasional contact with children or oversee strategic operations, these tiers are designed to equip individuals with the essential awareness, expertise, and protocols for safeguarding vulnerable individuals. Alternatively, you can download a copy for your organisation's reference.

Download a copy of the Safeguarding Competency Training document here


table illustrating the different levels of competency