Gangs training

This course will look at how you can support gang-affected young people and families. It will give you an insight into the wide range of multi-agency work being done, and the various forums where gangs are discussed. For example, at a missing persons panel and multi-agency risk assessment conference (MARAC). As part of the joint agency group (JAG) and fair access process (FAP). Or, in connection with multi-agency child exploitation (MACE).

It will also include learning from local practice reviews including, county lines, child exploitation and contextual safeguarding.

Learning objectives

  • understand the vulnerability factors which may lead a young person to join a gang
  • have a broad understanding of gangs operating in Croydon
  • identify the cross-agency work around gangs and the various forums where they are discussed
  • be aware of services currently supporting young people and staff with gang-related issues and the referral process for these
  • be aware of multi-agency developments responding to issues of county lines, child exploitation and extra family harm (contextual safeguarding)

Who this course is for

For all staff and volunteers who work directly with children and young people at risk of gang involvement.

Staff groups that should take this course

Groups 1 to 6. Visit the staff groups page for more information about this.

Training stage covered

Stages 1 to 5. Visit the training stages page for more information about this.

Next course date

18 January 2024, 1pm to 4pm. Book this course

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