Child neglect

This course will help you to understand and recognise neglect and challenge your thoughts about what neglect is. Serious case review findings will also be covered, as well as looking at why staff can find it difficult to identify neglect.

Learning objectives

  • explore what is meant by the term neglect
  • identify signs that a child may be neglected
  • consider what the impact of neglect could be on a child
  • look at parental and environmental factors, and how this can make spotting neglect difficult
  • recognise child development, attachment, and emotional neglect issues
  • know how to respond effectively to concerns you may have
  • understand the overview of local referral practice and referral processes

Who this course is for

  • Practitioners who work intensively with children, young people and/or parents/ carers.
  • Those who have particular specialist child protection responsibilities.
  • Operational managers of services for children, young people and/or parents / carers.
  • Professional advisers and designated leads for child protection

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