Challenging disproportionality

Assessing the extra risk for black male children and their families 

This course will help you to develop your skills and knowledge about risk assessing and completing safety plans, when working with black male children specifically.

Learning objectives

  • describe the difference between a planned and dynamic risk assessment and the importance of ongoing reviews for any work done with a young person
  • utilise professional curiosity more effectively
  • explore unconscious bias
  • demonstrate the use of tools to engage young black male children
  • complete a risk assessment with a young person
  • complete a safety plan with a young person

Who this course is for

Staff and volunteers who work directly with children and visit families at home.

Staff groups that should take this course

Groups 1 to 8. Visit the staff groups page for more information about this.

Training stage covered

Stages 2 to 6. Visit the training stages page for more information about this.

Next course date

13 November 2023, 10am to 4pm. Book this course

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