Graded Care Profile 2 (GCP2) training

diagram illustrating how the gcp2 tool works

This course is for staff working with children experiencing neglect. The Graded Care Profile2 (GCP2) is an assessment tool that supports staff to measure the quality of care being provided to a child. It also helps staff measure the quality of care being provided by a parent or carer to meet their child's needs, particularly if there are concerns about neglect.

The GCP2 assessment tool lets staff score aspects of family life on a scale of 1 to 5. This helps them to identify areas where the level of care children receive could be significantly improved.

Training will be provided by a member of staff who has been accredited as an NSPCC GCP2 trainer. The GCP2 license can only be obtained after successfully completing this course.

Learning objectives

  • become licensed to use the GCP2 assessment tool
  • increase knowledge in relation to neglect
  • understand how the GCP2 assessment tool fits in with local practice
  • understand how to measure the quality of care being provided to children you work with
  • identify where children require further support and whether the level of care received needs to be improved
  • implement a constructive working relationship with families
  • increase confidence in decision-making at all levels

Who this course is for

  • Front-line practitioners in Croydon who work directly with children and families in their home environment.
  • Practitioners who work with children and families in their home environment and contribute to assessments as part of their role.
  • Training is also available within individual agencies

Please note: In addition to this training is recommended that you also attend the ”Child neglect” course to solidify your understanding of Neglect and the role GCP2 plays in providing the right support to families. 

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Staff groups that should take this course

Groups 3 to 6. View the Competency Framework page to determine if this course is suitable for you.

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